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Camp Purple, year 2024


Location: Brynglas Farm
Date: 10 Aug - 17 Aug 2024
Age: 11-17
Previous camp: Camp Purple, year 2023

Ralph & Rebecca Hammond

Ralph and Rebecca Hammond are members of Penzance Baptist Church (Cornwall) and have been coming on CCiW camps as campers or officers for many years. Ralph became Camp Leader for the first time in 2007 and serves on the CCiW Board of Trustees, whilst Rebecca is CCiW's Booking Secretary. Both serve in their home church's youth and outreach work, and Ralph as deacon. During term, Ralph works full-time as a Primary School Teacher, and Rebecca as full-time mum to their two sons.


Paul Whiteley

Paul Whiteley is the Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist, Cardiff

Places: No more places available on this camp, sorry.