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About camp

What is camp really about?

Well, there are lots of different answers.

Some will say friendship, and certainly we know of some wonderful friendships formed on camps which have lasted and blossomed over the years, benefiting not only the campers but also the churches to which they belong.

Some will say fun. Well, we certainly do have fun, with something to suit all who have a sense of adventure. Whether it is kayaking, gorge walking, raft building, wide games, bivouacking, table tennis, football, volleyball, camp concerts, tent life, tent inspection, washing up, trips to the coast or even shopping, there is something for everyone. There are optional extras which can include rock climbing, paint-balling, white-water rafting etc.

Whilst friendship and fun are really important, at the heart of camp is a person, Jesus Christ. He makes camp special in so many ways but especially as His gospel is taught and explained in the morning services and tent Bible studies.

The Aim

The aim of the camps is the presentation of the Christian faith to young people in the context of a safe & healthy outdoor camp environment.

Safety and a wholesome environment for campers is paramount. For this reason the teams will be led by experienced leaders and where possible a husband and wife team. Quite often this means that camp life will be enhanced by the presence of young children on site.

The programme varies a bit between the different camps, but will include Bible teaching and/or a tent Bible study every day.