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Camp Orange, year 2004 (Camp 2)


Location: Brynglas Farm
Date: 31 Jul - 07 Aug 2004
Age: 11-17
Following camp: Camp Orange, year 2005 (Camp 4)
Previous camp: Camp Orange, year 2003 (Camp 3)

Rob & Jane Plant

Rob and Jane have been leading camps similar to this one for over 20 years. Rob is an elder in Christ Church, Bradford (was 'Pollard Park Evangelical Church') and he is an Engineering Manager. Jane is first of all a mother to their 5 children all of whom have been coming to camp since they were a few months old. In addition Jane works in a Christian school.


Rev Norman Gilbert

Norman Gilbert has been pastor of Cosheston Mission near Pembroke for a number of years. He was Chaplain on this camp for the first time in 2000.