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Camp Silver, year 2023


Location: Llys Andreas
Date: 22 Jul - 29 Jul 2023
Age: 17-22
Following camp: Camp Silver, year 2024
Previous camp: Camp Silver, year 2022

Caroline Pethick

Caroline Pethick is a member at Carey Baptist Church, Reading. She has been on senior camp as an officer for a number of years, and leader for the first time in 2021.

Dave Stott

Dave is pastor at Upton Baptist Church, Chester. Dave has been a leader or assistant leader on many camps (EMW, CCIW and church camps), usually with his wife Rebecca.


Jonny Pearse

Jonny led camps with his wife Rachel for many years, and was chaplain for the first time in 2004. He currently serves at Kew Church Southport.