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Leaders and officers

CCiW camps are run by teams of volunteers ­­— typically two main "leaders" and a team of other "officers". Being an officer on camp can involve a variety of things:

  • Looking after campers as a tent officer
  • Leading Bible studies
  • Helping in the kitchen
  • Playing games and running outdoor activities
  • Helping to maintain the site

Most officers will do a few of the above, but not many will do all of them - it depends on your abilities and experience!

Because we are a Christian organisation and take the care of campers very seriously, including their spiritual and physical well-being, we are very careful about who we ask to be officers on camp. In general it should be understood that being an officer on camp is by invitation only, and normally you will need to be in contact with one of the leaders of the camps if you want to come on camp. You will also need to complete an application form, which includes providing the names of referees, and agree to Criminal Records Bureau/Disclosure and Barring Service checks.

If you do not know leaders of camps personally, but would like to offer your services, please use the contact form to send us a message.

Officer facilities on the website

Once you have been invited on camp by one of the leaders, you will be given a login name for the officer area, and can then proceed to the officer facilities of this website. Please note that this has a completely separate login system to the bookings.